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Comic 7 - Lackadaisical security

Lackadaisical security

Panel 1:
The audience lights are on and people are cheering Aideen O'Neil, beer in hand, nudges Tess Durban. Tess also has a beer in her hand.
Aideen: That was AWESOME! C'Mon, let's go backstage to talk to Zig and Tag.
Tess: Er, Okay!

Panel 2:
Tess and Aideen walk past a tough-looking venue security guard. The guard takes no steps to stop them.
Rog: Hey, Aideen! It's been a while!
Aideen: Hey, Rog! Can we just-
Tog: Sure, go ahead!

Panel 3:
Tess looks back, uncertain.
Tess: That was easy!
Aideen: Rog and I go back a long way! Hey, if you want, I can hook you up with him later!

Panel 4:
Tess and Aideeen continue through the backstage corridoors of the club, sipping beer and talking.
Tess: I dunno. He looks a bit of a bruiser.
Aideen: Pffft… You know the first rule for goths and metalheads: the scarier they look, the more tender-hearted they really are.

Panel 5:
Aideen is picking up speed a bit.
Aideen: Same with Tag: He may look like a badass and I'm sure you saw him scowl onstage, but really, he's an absolute…

Panel 6:
Tag the bassist emerges out of the dressing room. He is angry, flipping the bird at someone in the room. Aideen and Tess are stopped dead in their tracks. Inside the room, the keyboardist can be glimpsed reclining on a sofa.
Tag: And you know what? You can all get FUCKED! I'm out!
Aideen: …sweetheart.

Posted on 20th Jun 2019, 9:54 AM in The Cult of XünÿX
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HiFranc 20th Jun 2019, 12:13 PM edit delete reply

HiFranc Good timing.