Tess Durban

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Comic 6 - The one that sounds like Fields of the Nephilim, the one that sounds like New Order, and the one that sounds like NIN.

The one that sounds like Fields of the Nephilim, the one that sounds like New Order, and the one that sounds like NIN.

Panel 1:
In the audience of the Cult of XünÿX concert, Aideen O'Neill speaks in Tess Durban's ear over the noise.
Aideen: They're great friends of mine and have been part of the local scene for years!

Panel 2:
Close-up of the singer, Frits Zuniga, singing into his microphone and sweating. In close-up, his eye make-up, hollow face and wrinkles from age are very visible.
Frits: Let's make love on the cold cold stone…

Panel 3:
The keyboardist shown holding down a chord on his instrument. He looks stern in front of the smoke effects.
Frits (singing off-panel):… where the damned and the holy and the dead look on!

Panels 4-5-6:
The singing continues over the three panels.
Frits (singing off panel across panel borders): And I've never been so betrayed…
And I've never been so betrayed…

Panel 4:
Aideen looks at a gap in the audience where Tess used to be. Behind them, Goths are watching the show. Several of them, male, female and other, have the letter X over each nipple in electrical tape, just like Aideen.
Aideen: Tess?

Panel 5:
Close-up of the bassist. He is no longer smiling and in fact looks sincerely unhappy/grumpy.
Panel 6:
Tess is back. She and Aideen clink beer bottles. Tess is now wearing the electrical tape Xes on her nipples under her mesh shirt instead of the black sports bra she was wearing earlier.

Panel 7:
The concert progresses and a whole crowd of Goths is dancing.
Frits (singing off-panel: Beast on my back! Beast on my back! I'm just a mount for the beast on my back!

Panel 8:
The concert is over. Frits Zuniga, who has stripped down to his waist to reveal that he too is wearing Xes on his nipples, waves cheerfully at the audience.
Frits: Goodnight!

Posted on 18th Jun 2019, 10:00 AM in The Cult of XünÿX
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THE_BEHOLDER 20th Jun 2019, 1:34 AM edit delete reply

THE_BEHOLDER Nice concert scene! Lotta motion and excitement!

Grey Garou 23rd Jul 2019, 7:18 PM edit delete reply

Grey Garou How many bands these days are truly original? It sounds almost impossible to be.

ReinderDijkhuis 31st Aug 2019, 9:06 AM edit delete reply

ReinderDijkhuis These guys are supposed to be of the OG Goth generation, like the real-world band that inspired their name. I like that band, Clan of Xymox, but they really did sound like a lot of other 1980s New Wave/Goth/Darkwave bands.