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Comic 31 - A suffusion of excessive incursions

A suffusion of excessive incursions

Panel 1.
Aideen pulls Tess away from her quiet spot.
Aideen: C'mon, dance, ye wiltin' wallflower!
Tess: All right, all right!

Panel 2.
Tess shakes her booty with great enthusiasm.
Aideen: Hey all! This girl bashed a shadow ceature with a bike pump! And she can move!

Panel 3.
The Human Skeleton turns his head in mid-swig so his beer trickles down his chest bone.

Panel 4.
The fun is interrupted - everyone stops mid-move and turns their head, when someone calls from off-panel.
Voice (Ionic Angel): Intruders!

Panel 5.
Ionic Angel flies in right-to-left and background-to-foreground. Below her, Rodney the Rabbit runs in the same direction.
Ionic Angel: The kiddie pool!
Rodney: There's an incursion of /Space moles!/

Panel 6.
Captain Evening raises his hand.

Panel 7.
Moving left to right, the heroes and Tess line up to receive clubs out of a locker. Tess is first in line and is receiving a club from Merv. Aideen is on the far right of the panel having already received her club and striding towards the place where the incusion occurred.
Tess: Isn't that a bit excessive for moles?
Aideen: Chun-na focking fianna! Comin' fer ya, motherfockers!

Posted on 18th Jul 2020, 8:00 AM in Clothing-optional rooftop party
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 18th Jul 2020, 8:00 AM edit delete

ReinderDijkhuis * The Kiddie Pool is the Odds' interdimensional transporter. It just looks like a kiddie pool.
Aideen O'Neill and Kimberly Jones created by James Damaged, Cyberkitten01 on DeviantArt. Rodney The Rabbit, Captain Evening, Merv, The Human Skeleton created by The Cosmic Beholder. Ionic Angel created by Burstlion.

Art by Shinobu the Pixie.