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Comic 30 - Get the party started!

Get the party started!

Panel 1.
Aideen flings herself at Merv to embrace him, not caring about which body parts touch which. Ionic Angel explains something to Jung-La/Balthus. Human Skeleton wastes no time getting to know Tess. Emerald Valkyrie runs towards an unoccupied showerhead.
Ionic Angel: It was easy. All I did was reverse the polarity of my quantum vibrations...
Aideen: Merv!
Skeleton: Hey cutie!
Emerald Valkyrie: Soap! At last I get to wash off the ectoplasm!

Panel 2.
Captain Evening turns up and waves at all.
Centennia is visible next to him, visibly pregnant.
Captain Evening: Captain Evening in the house! Hey, Aideen, we missed you out there. Who's your friend?

Panel 3.
Tess, left, makes a hand-on-heart gesture towards the Captain - no handshakes!
Tess: Er, I'm Tess...
Captain Evening: Well, Tess, We've saved the day and we have a story to tell! Do you know what that means?

Panel 4.
All the assembled superheroes exclaim at once, except Emerald Valkyrie, who points vaguely off-panel. Some of them raise their fists while they're at it. Tess is nonplussed.
Heroes (as many as fit in the panel): CLOTHING-OPTIONAL ROOFTOP PARTY!
Emerald Valkyrie: I wanna put something on, though.

Panel 5.
Clothing optional rooftop party in progress. The Captain is making out with Jesse Brain. Aideen and Merv are dancing - Aideen is shaking her moneymaker while Merv dances like a white man. Emerald Valkyrie, dressed in only a T-shirt, uses the mutant as a bottle opener. Rodney and Centennia are in lounge chairs, Rodney swigging beer. Tess is on the roof's handrails, drinking beer and looking on. Others may or may not be keeping her company, depending on what fits.

Posted on 11th Jul 2020, 8:00 AM in Clothing-optional rooftop party
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 11th Jul 2020, 8:00 AM edit delete

ReinderDijkhuis Art by Shinobu.
Characters from the Beholderverse: (left to right in Panel 1) Jung-La, Ionic Angel, Merv, Aideen, Armstrong Fatbuckle AKA the Human Skeleton, Kimberly Jones AKA Emerald Valkyrie (left to right in Panel 2) Centennia, Captain Evening (in Panel 4) Rodney the Rabbit, the Mutant. Thank you Shinobu for fitting them all in!
Aideen O'Neill and Kimberley Jones created by James Damaged AKA Cyberkitten01 (DeviantArt profile is much more NSFW than this comic)
Ionic Angel created by Burstlion.


THE_BEHOLDER 11th Jul 2020, 10:06 AM edit delete reply

THE_BEHOLDER Absolutely love these renditions if these characters! These dance moves haha, so fun!

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