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Comic 29 - A relaxing sauna session

A relaxing sauna session

Panel 1
Tess Durban (left) and Aideen O'Neill (right, facing Tess) sit in a sauna room (dry, no steam), nude on towels.
Tess: Phew.

Panel 2.
Outside the sauna room, Tess is climbing out of (or into!) a cold pool. The cold is clearly bracing for her. Aideen is standing over the edge of the pool, leaning forward.
Tess: Wha wha wha whoooo!
Aideen: Theatrical, much? Time fer the shower.

Panel 3.
Wide panel. Tess (left) and Aideen right, standing in the showers, facing the shower walls, seen from the rear. To Tess's left, the shower wall ends and a tiled corridor can be glimpsed. On Aideen's right, several showerheads, not in use.
Tess: You weren't kidding! This is like a public bath house! And it belongs to one guy?
Aideen: Yeah, but it gets a lot of use.

Panel 4.
Tess is startled and reflexively covers her chest as she hears voices coming out of the corridor. An oddly-shaped shadow is also visible around the corner.
Voice (Merv): ...I had no idea you could *punch* an astral projection!
Tess: OMG There's people!

Panel 5.
The people are now visible. They are Merv the Griffin, the Human Skeleton (FKA Armstrong Fatbuckle), Rodney the Rabbit, Jung-La/Balthus and the Mutant, with Ionic Angel close behind and more characters visible as shadows if they can fit. All are nude, with no jewelry or shoes. Tess can be seen from the rear, still shielding herself.
Merv: Oh, er... hi.

Posted on 4th Jul 2020, 8:00 AM in Clothing-optional rooftop party
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 6th Jun 2020, 8:00 AM edit delete

ReinderDijkhuis Hey, it's a new mini-episode! Or minisode, or whatever you call it. The art is by Shinobu, Shinobuthepixie on DeviantArt and maker of Knights of Samaria, which has naked fairies in it and which you should subscribe to.
Characters from the Beholderverse: (left to right in Panel 5) Armstrong Fatbuckle AKA the Human Skeleton, Jung-La, Rodney the Rabbit, Merv, the Mutant. We tried to make the strangest-looking members of Captain Evening's Team appear first.
Aideen O'Neill created by James Damaged AKA Cyberkitten01 (DeviantArt profile is much more NSFW than this comic).