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Comic 23 - Checkov's jacket

Checkov's jacket

Panel 1:
Tess is looking towards something on her right and shouting urgently at it.
Tess: Aideen!

Panel 2:
Aideen is on her knees, exhausted from fighting. She has her sword in her hand still.

Panel 3:
Aideen transforms back into her non-Liath form. She is back into her outfit from the concert, and has her beer in her right hand.

Panel 4:
Tess rushes over to put Aideen's jacket over her. Aideen swigs her beer.

Panel 5:
Aideen looks up, and behind her, at Tess.
Aideen: Oh, er… thanks!

Panel 6:
Aideen gets up and puts her jacket on properly.
Aideen: … but the transformation is sort of an all-in thing. Don't ask me how it works.

Panel 7:
Seen from behind, Tess and Aideen walk towards the door, Tess supporting the exhausted Aideen.
Tess: OK… but I'll have other questions.
Aideen: I'm sure you will.

Panel 8.
Close-up of Tess's right leg and Aideen's left. At their feet is a tiny, blissed out Shadow Creature.

Posted on 21st Feb 2020, 9:45 PM in The Cult of XünÿX
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Author Notes:

ReinderDijkhuis 21st Feb 2020, 9:45 PM edit delete

ReinderDijkhuis Aideen/Liath originally created by James Damaged, Cyberkitten01 on DeviantArt


Grey Garou 22nd Feb 2020, 5:43 PM edit delete reply

Grey Garou Well, that certainly was quite the party. Uh-oh, the smiling blob there didn't eat the band, did it?

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