Tess Durban

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Comic 10 - The shadows have eyes

The shadows have eyes

Panel 1:
Frits Zuniga, the singer for Cult of XünÿX, looks behind himself. The shadow that had formed behind him has turned into a monstrous bird creature with beady eyes and a large beak.

Panel 2:
Frits has turned back towards the others. He points at the creature behind him with his thumb.
Frits:…You mean you can see him?

Panel 3:
The keyboardist for Cult of XünÿX is trying to shield Zig, Aideen O'Neill and Tess Durban, and at the same time trying to usher them out of the dressing room.
Keyboardist: Maybe you should leave.

Panel 4:
As the keyboardist pushes Zig, Aideen and Tess out the door, Frits gestures at them. Behind him, the shadow-monster scowls at him.
Frits: I'm telling you - give me my drugs! I can still subdue him… But I *need* my drugs!

Panel 5:
Aideen: Where did you hide his drugs?
Keyboardist: I gave them to Tag!

Panel 6:
Aideen gestures at Tess to back off.
Aideen: Tess?
Tess: Yeah?
Aideen: When I said my thing was running fast in heels?
Tess: Yeah?
I lied. Don't be alarmed.

Posted on 30th Jun 2019, 9:43 AM in The Cult of XünÿX
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