Cultish Manners

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Comic 21 - To make an evil laughter

To make an evil laughter

Panel 1:
Cackling madly, Tess tosses the contents of two more bags of heroin to the Shadow Creature, which eats it all up.
Tess: Eat it all! Muahahaha!

Panel 2:
Tess watches the shadow creature shrink rapidly, forming a spiral shape as if it's going down a drain.

Panel 3:
As the shadow creature continues to shrink, the rest of the dressing room is revealed. Zig is about to throw a punch and Liath is crouched, her sword and her left arm both raised defensively. In the farther background, Frits can be seen, exhausted and on hands and knees.

Posted on 11th Feb 2020, 8:00 AM
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